Transforming gas storage with cutting-edge solutions.

At Steelhead Composites, we're committed to transforming the future of gas storage with cutting-edge solutions and unmatched quality. Explore our products and experience the difference.

Steelhead Composites: Diverse Expertise

Explore our wide-ranging capabilities in composite manufacturing, testing, metal spin forming, design and engineering, and machining expertise.

  • Photo: Enginnering Design
    Unlock innovation with the engineering expertise of Steelhead Composites. From rapid prototyping to advanced simulations, our team wields cutting-edge design and simulation software for limitless possibilities.
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  • Photo of metal spin forming
    Precision meets versatility at Steelhead Composites. We craft seamless cylinders in various metals, offering custom sizes and port geometries with rapid processing and advanced CNC technology.
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  • Photo of 300 psi vessel port machining
    Steelhead Composites offers in-house machine shop and your one-stop solution. With cutting-edge capabilities including CNC lathes, mills, and welding, we support all your project needs efficiently.
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  • Illustration of composite gas vessel
    Unleash the potential of composites with the expertise offered by Steelhead Composites. Our advanced capabilities include complex filament winding, structural composites, and precision curing/processing for unrivaled results.
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  • Photo of testing by scanninga pressure vessel liner
    Steelhead Composites ensures reliability through its rigorous testing capabilities. From pressure vessel testing to material analysis, we ensure top-notch quality and performance for your projects.
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Steelhead is a leading company in the design, manufacture, and testing of pressure vessels — especially composite pressure vessels. We were the first and only company to recognize the need for "lightweighting" in hydraulics and gas storage.


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