Steelhead Composites lightweight 6,000 psi (414 bar) top repairable composite accumulators range in size from 10 gallons (38 liter) to 30 gallons (113 liter). Lightweight composite accumulators are a superior alternative to steel accumulators for weight-restricted uses, mobile applications and industries where access is remote, elevated or limited.

These lightweight high pressure accumulators are Aluminum lined composite pressure vessels with a rubber bladder inside. The bladder is pre-charged with Nitrogen gas before the accumulator assembly is put in to hydraulic service. A poppet valve in the fluid port prevents extrusion of the pre-charged bladder through the fluid port.

Top repairable accumulators consist of large port openings on both ends. One opening houses the hydraulic fluid port and the other the gas port. The large opening on the gas port end in a top repairable accumulator allows easy maintenance and replacement of the rubber bladder without removing the accumulator from the hydraulic line.  A pneumatic valve on the gas port facilitates periodic re-charging of the Nitrogen gas in the bladder.

Advanced manufacturing processes allow for fast delivery of eight weeks or less for standard sizes and twelve weeks or less for custom accumulators.

*CE Marking Available



Rapid storage and dispensation of energy


Bengin leak-before-burst feature eliminates the possibility of catastrophic failure during operation


Replace bladder through the gas port end without the removal of accumulator from the system


Designed and field tested for high cycle life and predictable performance

  1. Fully wrapped Type 3 Composite Over-wrapped Pressure Vessel
  2. Liner: Seamless, impermeable 6061-T6 Aluminum
  3. Structural: Carbon fiber and epoxy composite
  4. Protective Barrier: Glass fiber and epoxy composite
  5. Bladder: Buna-Nitrile (other materials available)
  6. Threaded (or flanged) steel port interfaces with industry standard 3.5 inch (89 mm) diameter port opening
  7. Fluid connection: SAE-24 female outlet port (other port options available)
  8. Safety Feature: Heat-activated pressure relief device available
  9. Maximum Operating Pressure: 6,000 psi (414 bar)
  10. Minimum Burst Pressure: 18,000 psi (1,241 bar)
  11. Operating temperature range: -20 degrees to 185 degrees F (-30 degrees to 85 degrees C)
  12. Compliant with applicable design specifications of US-DOT and UN/ISO


Nominal Volume

Gal (L)*

Operating Pressure 

psi (Bar)**

Overall Length A 

in. (mm)

Outside Diameter B

in. (mm)


lbs (kgs)

 5 (19) 6,000 (414)  25 (635)   12 (305)  73 (33)
 10 (38) 6,000 (414)   40 (1016)  12 (305)  103 (47) 
15 (57)  6,000 (414)   54 (1371)  12 (305)  132 (60) 
20 (76)  6,000 (414)   69 (1753)  12 (305)  161 (73) 
25 (95)  6,000 (414)   84 (2133)  12 (305)  190 (86) 
30 (113)  6,000 (414)   99 (2515)  12 (305)  219 (99) 


Standard accumulators deliver in 6-8 weeks. Allow up to 12 weeks for custom accumulators

*Custom Volumes

** Additional pressures available upon requests