Steelhead Composites offers an array of technical and engineering services for high-pressure vessel development for various applications. Our core business is the development, manufacturing and testing of composite overwrapped pressure vessels that can withstand high pressures. Our team of engineers and vessel manufacturing experts can take your thumbnail sketch from an idea to a reality.

If you are looking for a turnkey solution for a high-pressure vessel or system-level design concept you have located the right team. We offer a full array of technical services in vessel design, metal spinforming, filament winding, prototyping and testing of custom high pressure vessel products.

If you have a need for a build-to-print composite vessel fabrication, Steelhead Composites is ready to bring your product to reality. We have an advanced 4-axis CNC filament winding machine that can fabricate composite overwrapped pressure vessels up to 72 in. (1.8 m) in diameter and 110 in. (3 m) long. Our composite vessel fabrication specialists are ready to assist you in developing a wind layup schedule that best matches your design goals. We can filament wind Type 2, 3, 4 or 5 pressure vessels using either wet winding or towpreg winding methods. We also have a large oven to cure these composite vessels for you.