Accumulators are staple components of industrial hydraulics. They are used in injection molding, die casting, metal forming and heavy presses. The industries of application range from iron and steel to power plants and chemical plants. Lightweight accumulators may not be as appealing in stationary industrial applications as some other weight-sensitive mobile applications. However if purposefully designed, they can increase the efficiency of machines with movable hydraulic parts, increase operational safety for hard-to-reach installations, lessen vibrations and reduce maintenance cost in industrial applications, in lieu of heavy steel accumulators.

Accumulators store excess energy in a hydraulic circuit and re-deliver them rapidly on demand. The energy stored in the form of compressed Nitrogen in an accumulator can be transferred back to the energy of moving hydraulic oil very quickly with minimal losses. As a result, accumulators are called upon to supply the potent power that energizes the hydraulics of many industrial machinery. A high specific power density (power per unit mass) of these accumulators allows for more efficient harnessing of the energy captured and delivered, thereby increasing the efficiency of operation in machines with moving hydraulic components.

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The composite construction of Steelhead Composite accumulators reduces weight  to one-third to one-quarter of steel accumulators. The lighter construction results in much lower installation and maintenance costs especially for remote or hard-to-reach areas. Lower mass also results in less vibration and reduced requirement on the mounting and strapping for the accumulators. In addition, the benign leak-before-burst failure mode of high pressure composite accumulators ensure safety in industrial applications.

Steelhead Composite lightweight high pressure accumulators are available in sizes ranging from 5 gal (19 L) to 30 gal (113 L) with pressure rating of 6000 psi (414 bar) to meet the needs of power and energy storage requirements of hydraulics for industrial applications.