Steelhead Composites is a world class advanced manufacturing company, based in the heart of Golden, Colorado (USA). Steelhead is dedicated to the manufacturing of lightweight, high-strength cylinders to be used for weight-sensitive energy and fuel storage applications. Our specialties include lightweight bladder accumulators, mobile CNG fuel storage and transport, gas bottles, aluminum liners and accessories.

We also offer a full array of technical services in vessel design, metal spinforming, filament winding, prototyping and testing of high pressure vessels.

  • Safely manufacture highest-quality products

  •  Rapidly execute and deliver defect-free and on time

  •  Continuously innovate to improve quality or decrease cost

  •  Conscientiously manufacture in regards to the environment

  •  Respectfully interact with others

  • Ethically treat all employees


The Company was founded in 2012 in response to a immediate need for a lightweight hydraulic accumulator solution for the hydraulic hybrid vehicle market. The existing accumulator providers were unresponsive, cumbersome, and uncooperative, creating an intriguing market with significant needs.

Enter Steelhead Composites. Using advanced carbon fiber composite materials, Steelhead developed patented designs for high pressure, lightweight accumulators for hydraulic hybrid engines in all classes of vehicles. Our bladder accumulators are a seamless aluminum liner that is overwrapped with a high-strength composite material designed to handle high pressure and long cycle life. Demonstrating equally high-strength to steel accumulators due to the characteristics of the combination of aluminum and carbon fiber, these accumulators weigh a fraction of their traditional counterpart. Another benefit is a larger accumulator can be installed due to the significant weight difference thus producing more power and greater range.

Currently Steelhead is a leading supplier of aluminum lined composite overwrapped (Type 3) accumulators and is developing interest from customers using accumulators in a wide range of applications ranging from hydraulic hybrid vehicles to mobile heavy equipment, amusement park rides, industrial, oil and gas, maritime and aerospace to name a few.

Our advanced manufacturing process and design capabilities can be extended seamlessly to manufacturing other pressure vessels where weight is critical, such as compressed natural gas (CNG) vessels, gaseous hydrogen storage vessels for fuel cell cars and industrial gas transportation cylinders. Steelhead’s vessels may also be integrated with a patent-pending Smart Tank option, a sensing system that measures cycles and pressure during operation.